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SPDV: Simple Personal Data Verification copyright © 2017 Aeron Buchanan

SPDV: Simple Personal Data Verification on Open Blockchains

There are many enterprises (new and old) who are understandibly excited by drawing on the power of blockchain technology to help deliver their services more efficiently and securely. I see a large proprotion of them using phrases such as "we'll put the data on the blockchain" and "users will own their own data" with dangerously little understanding of how this works. Too many proprosals are based on ideas which are sadly less secure than standard practice or even completely unsecure. The future will soon bring many very good options to do what I think people are imagining, but until they are available in easy-to-deploy packages, here is a simple approach that can be used. This description leaves out many details, but if you find yourself stuck without them, it's a sign you have a lot more learning to do.

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